RIA clients adaptation

May 21, 2010 at 12:31 PM

How about such example:    i`d want to create only  filterSet on the RIA Client and sent it to Server--> Server create dynamic query  e.g.

But i can`t  disconnect filters from the other Assembly types. I want to import only filter types to the Silverlight platform.

And i`can import whole Assembly types there.

Can you tell me- if you can add such feature to your project- silverlight Client filters types(...other clients connectors)?     

May 25, 2010 at 7:49 AM

That's a good one - I can see the need and the opportunity.

As the Query filters support serialization to XML there should not be an issue with the transport of the filter it is obviously just the extraction of the required classes to support the minimal silverlight libraries.

I'll take a look, but if you manage to get further yourself let me know and we can include it in the set.

What do you mean by ...other client connectors > mobile?

May 28, 2010 at 4:24 PM

I`d want to use  dynamic SQL Generator in Silverlight as Web App Client , not mobile..... in the begining.

May be i don't understand - about serialization.


I working with the WebServices - Silverlight.

I'm  talking about next task: 

                                  On theserver I want to generate  dynamic query with different values of filters.  

                                   But filters i will collect on client side on silverlight client

                                  It means- server and client will use the same filterClasses  to run dynamic query - so i need to share filterClasses between server and client.

 I sad connector - it's the way of sharing filterTypes.   It's the Silverlight assembly with the filterTypes i`ll  use in my client modules.  So I can collect filters on the client and send them to the server. I want to collect List<WhereFilter>, List<OrderBy> filters by Silverlight, send them to server to run dynamic custom query. 

I understand that the FilterType can be Imported to the  as parameter type in the websvc method. But with many web services I will have different types :      Websvc1.WhereFilter, Websvc2.WhereFilter  for two web services.       It means that i need client filter types(connector to server, to your framework) - shared types. And when importing tool  will  ask how to define such filer type  it will choose  client already exising filter type(  with the same namespace as on the server -constrain).

Again: i need the same as server filters types code     to the silverlight library.           

And if you can collect you filters in the silverlight library,  it will be very useful for me !!!!!


Now I already library looks like your framework, but  based on the CodeEngine.Framework.  I  can collect example  for you with WebServices and Silverlight.

I also want to use dynamic query constructor in my code generator addon to the nHydrate Generator,  as part of ORM  code.